Beauty & Resilience: Old Growth Forests

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Last week, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Olympic National Park in Washington state. I had lots of wonderful adventures, including climbing my first mountain with my family! My mom is a total badass, and almost got to the very top, while my dad and I were trailing behind her, huffing and puffing.

The majestic view from the top of a mountain in Olympic National Park. 


During my time in the forest, what struck me the most was the sense that living things never truly leave us. They are simply reborn, reimagined in another form. Moss and algae and new life seemed to spring immediately from severed trunks and fallen trees. 🍀

Though our society is painful, and chaotic, and too often violent, I want to remind you that peace is the equilibrium we are always approaching. As Dr. Martin Luther King, the revolutionary activist and spiritual leader, once quoted, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” 💚 Justice, love, joy, peace, and hope are inherent qualities to life. They are the reason why we are social creatures, and why isolation is the ultimate punishment. All living things–trees, fish, wolves, flowers, insects, humans–are cultivated by symbiotic relationships, by having strong, healthy communities. 💚 In any healthy ecosystem, some trees will fall, and some flowers will wilt. But when they do, they soon bloom again, in another form, ready to begin a new journey. 🌿


Too many rings to count, this beautiful tree has seen so much. Those rings represent endless wisdom and resilience, and promise a future of rebirth and renewal. 🌿


Mama tree and baby tree, supporting each other, rooted together. 🌿


A towering tree, dripping with mossy epiphytes. 


New life bursting from a fallen tree. 


A shimmering rainbow cast on a calm lake.  


A foggy mountain morning.  🍃


I pray that you find moments of peace and rejuvenation, even in the midst of your challenges. I pray that you and your loved ones are showered with blessings, kindness, and protection. May we all achieve a greater appreciation for Mother Earth, and for each other.

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